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Inception Reclist

this is less of a reclist and more of a way for me to track down favorites (with summaries), lest i suffer from separation anxiety (and short-term memory loss).
at the rate this fandom is going, i will be updating this hot mess approximately *glances at watch* forever.
anyway, we all have Mr. Nolan to thank for these gorgeous pieces of work.

[note]: fics without ratings mean that the respective authors did not provide them. so tread carefully!

Arthur/Eames Fics

A - F
Acts of Necessity by anon: Arthur offers. NC17.
Allowed by the_ragnarok: Fact: it hasn't happened in thirty-three years. NC17.
And Gone by recrudescence: So tears get him off. NC17.
(and his skin is a map) of the way home by cj_austen: Arthur brings Eames home. NC17.
and if somebody loved me like she do me by frantic_allonsy: Arthur curled around a radiator. NC17.
And You Owe Me Nothing In Return by beanarie: From Eames's side to Dom's. PG13.
As It Comes by epistolic: Arthur falls into a coma. M.
Aujourd'hui, ça commence avec toi by frantic_allonsy: Arthur's saferoom in his head. NC17.
Back Against the Wall | Full Frontal Assault by ashinan: Jealousy sex. Against a wall. And then a bureau. NC17.
Bad Memory, A by downwardlinear: Miscommunication. PG.
Between these stolen hours: Bhutan by airgiodslv: Eames is a BAMF.
Blood, Ink, and Almond Sugar by schesinger: Arthur is nice to him. PG13.
Brighter Thing, A by incandescent (art by fanlay): An assassin before him. NC17.
By the Book by zetaori: Arthur wants to (warning) be raped. NC17.
Call and Answer by airgiodslv: Arthur is an incubus. NC17.
carne viva by krytella: Arthur's inked.
Cat and Mouse by kiyala: Eames knows him well.
cessation by burger: Arthur dies. Eames revives. PG13.
Chasing the Rising Sun by foxxcub: They are puppies. G.
clarity which clouds my mind by joanses: Break.
Cold Climate Love by jeannedecarnin: Rise & fall in the Premier League. R.
conspirators in living by smallacts: Eames is the new business partner.
contraption, armed to the teeth, a by guns_and_butter: Eames. Just in time. NC17.
Crush by epistolic: Your name is Eames. M.
(Cup of Proper Coffee) In a Copper Coffee Pot, A by edoraslass: Arthur is a coffee pot. G.
Das Vorbewusste by weatherfront: Eames is a genius.
Death Wish by dana_norram: Arthur's sixty-eighth death. R.
delfini trials, the by atomicskull: Phillipa defends all but one. PG.
Dig, Lazarus, Dig by sho_no_tabi: Arthur's buried alive.
Documentation of an Affair by onthecount: A stream of messages. PG13.
Don't Fall In Love With A Dreamer by eleveninches: Eames steals Arthur. NC17.
eighth day, the by veritas_nescio: No assumptions. A rosary. NC17.
En haut et en bas by weatherfront: Mal.
Encyclopedia of Man, An by shadesofbrixton: It's about what he knows. Or doesn't. PG13.
Every Atom of My Blood by tomato_greens: A devil inside of Mal, and Eames is helpless. [Also Cobb/Mal]
(Everything Could Be Everything) If Only We Were Older by torakowalski: College. Rain. NC17.
Exquisite Taste in Statuary by fascistsinjune: A nymph. Arethusa. [WIP]
eye of the needle by prix: Arthur does bespoke. PG13. [WIP]
Fall to Pieces by cherrybina: Arthur loses a bet. NC17.
Faster Than Without Water by viva_gloria: Ariadne goes under to find out what happened. PG13.
Finally Better by nahara: The loss of something vital. R.
fire favoured by andrealyn: Mutants AU. R.
Firefly by jeannedecarnin: Arthur is an underaged prostitute. NC17.
Five Lives They Never Led by acidpop25: Artists. Doctors. Chefs. Musicians. Camp counselors. NC17.
Five Times Eames Made Arthur Smile During Sex (And One Time Arthur Made Eames Smile) by cherrybina: Sex. Smiles. Sex. NC17.
Follow Me by elesteria: A passenger beside him. PG13.
Future Is X-Rated, The by renne: Rain. Sex. NC17.

G - L
Ginger Sling With A Pineapple Heart | Hot Glare / Jerk Off by reliablemachine: Arthur gets a new neighbor. NC17.
Give You No Slack by thelilytriad: Arthur gluts.
Golden Frame by zetaori: Eames helps. NC17.
Griefless Ghost, The by SnowSybaris: Arthur is not all there. M.
Go Easy / Go Hard by hermette: They want. NC17.
having let go forever the fallacy of ever being alone by gyzym: Domesticity. NC17.
Heat by neierathima: Gambling. No cards. No dice. NC17.
Hot Hot Heat by beautyinchains: Heat wave. NC17.
How Do You Talk to a Point Man? by eleveninches: Sex through bribery. NC17.
How to Join the Mile High Club Without Even Trying by sirona_gs: Arthur is a flight attendant. R.
I bet Nureyev never had to deal with this shit by cobweb_diamond: So there is A Midsummer Night's Dream.
I Can't Hide, I Can't Hide by ifeelbetter: There is hand-holding.
if sex is a weapon then smash! boom! pow! by Trojie: Eames rims.
If We Keep Living This Fast, No One Will Have Time to Die | Love, Have Mercy on Me by jeannedecarnin: First time - rough. Then a desk. NC17.
I Have Not Yet Forgot Myself to Stone by weatherfront: Eames erases Arthur's memories.
i like the cars that go boom by anon: Car chase.
Immaculate Dream by frantic_allonsy: Zombies. NC17.
I've Got Nothing To Do Today But Smile (The Only Living Boy in New York) by gyzym: Eames makes coffee. Arthur drinks it. R.
je ne veux pas travailler by syllic: There is no game. NC17.
Just Another Fairytale by biohazard_03: Once upon a time - vampire!Arthur & werewolf!Eames. Illustrated. PG. [WIP]
Kobayashi Maru by hackthis: Arthur chases. R.
Lay Your Siege by gyzym: Trojan War AU! PG13.
Leading with my heart by acidpop25: Arthur is asexual. R.
Leave the Children Behind by weatherfront: It's in the little things. PG13.
les dés sont pipés by frantic_allonsy: There is fingering. NC17
lesson in manners, a by chicaintcheap: Edging.
Lest You Tread by cthonical: Equilibrium AU. R.
Life 2: the unhappy ending by anon: Arthur's death is Eames's death.
Little Indulgence, A by anon: Hate. Sex.

M - S
Matchmaker, The by cordeliadelayne: Saito matchmakes. G.
Maybe I'm All Messed Up In You by sometimesalways: Five years later. NC17.
Measure of a Man, The by kirstenlouise: Arthur is a (warning) pedophile. R.
MIA by delires: Freud was right. NC17.
No One Gets Out Alive by hackthis: Eames is what's going on. PG13.
No One's Going To Take Me Alive by delires: Arthur learns damn quickly. R.
Nothing Comes as Easy as You by deepsix: He missed Eames. NC17.
Nothing more dangerous (than a boy with charm) by Trojie: Eames auditions.
One Instrument Symphony, The by night_reveals: Not his fault he can't sleep. NC17.
Only Thing, The by epistolic: Arthur dies. Eames remembers. M.
Our Shiny City by atomicskull: Arthur is a hipster. So is Eames. R.
Pagina Uno by pyrimidine: Eames has library fines.
Pas de Deux by canyousayhot: Arthur is not a ballerina. R.
Pattern of Butterflies, A by coldthermistor: Random isn't random. PG13.
Piece of the Plate (Got Stuck In My Heart), A by jibrailis: Iron Chef AU! PG13.
Plus One by someidiothasice: Eames follows Arthur to a club. NC17.
Presque Vu by rageprufrock: Eames wins Arthur back. M.
Promise Made, A by zeto: Eames makes a promise. NC17.
Punishing Burden of Failure, The by _beetle_: Arthur is straight. And likes cock. NC17.
put down all your weapons by imogenedisease: Arthur was a criminal first. R.
Renovations by joosetta: Eames has renovation urges. NC17.
Requiescat | Eyes Wide Shut | Dichotomous Key by whiskyrunner: Mysterious Skin AU. NC17.
secret about a secret, a by thisissirius: One day of photos. R.
Shooting the Moon by whiskyrunner: Arthur is asexual. Eames is not. R.
Short Fuse and the Long Con, The by jibrailis: Arthur sleeps with everyone but Eames. R.
should have taken acid with you by xavierlamehat: They're on acid. PG.
Skin Deep by Starlingthefool: Eames is a tattoo artist. Then was.
Something Like | Life During Wartime by sho_no_tabi: Mal dies. Arthur breaks.
sometimes a craving comes for salt by anon: Eames moves to America. [WIP]
Soul Awake by sho_no_tabi: Eames does an interview.
Stalking Arthur | Home Is Where the Jewels Are Kept by aviss: Arthur being stalked. NC17.
Stand There and Watch Me Burn by postcardmystery: Watchmen AU.
Still Heartbroken (After All These Years) by jeannedecarnin: Finding bodies. NC17.

T - Z
t on the timeline by battleofhydaspe: Eames trusts his totem.
talk turkey to me by ronsard: The turkey doesn't even make it. NC17.
Tear Us Apart (Again) by canyousayhot: Breaking apart. Coming together. NC17.
Tentacular by bookshop: There are tentacles. NC17.
These Violent Delights We Shared, My Love by postcardmystery: Arthur is the Bonnie to Eames's Clyde. R-NC17. [WIP]
Things I Never Wished to Know by crytam: Cobb's innocence is shattered.
Thirty A Lion by downwardlinear: Team inception for Arthur's birthday. G.
this fumble has become biblical by imogenedisease: First in the infamous jailbait!Arthur series. NC17.
Three's a Crowd by downwardlinear: There is another. PG.
Thrust So Proudly by reliablemachine: Fight noisy sex with deafening sex. NC17.
Till Death Do Us Part by aimlesstravels: Eames is a ghost. PG.
to catch a thief by anon: Arthur recruits Eames. [WIP]
Trust by anon: What they have is beyond him.
Turn Me Up by reliablemachine: Sex tape. NC17.
Twenty-Four Emails by dorkorific: Or how Eames finally gave in and begged to go corporate. PG13.
Undone by tailoredshirt: Suit porn. NC17.
Untitled by anon: Arthur is a tattoo artist.
Untitled by exorcist!anon: Arthur is cursed.
Untitled by anon: Arthur is run over by a Mack truck on I-96. (Warnings: unrequited love, cracktastic death.)
Untitled by anon: Cobb kidnapped Arthur.
Untitled by anon: Eames goes to confession.
Untitled by anon: Eames is Mars. Arthur is Chosen.
Untitled | Untitled by anon: Phone porn. And sequel. NC17.
Untitled by anon: Undercover as a schoolboy. NC17.
Untitled by delires: Dream kiss. Real kiss.
Untitled by eleveninches: Eames gets Arthur's address.
Untitled by ethrosdemon: Arthur makes poor gift decisions.
Untitled by temperance_k: Clothes speak louder than words.
Untitled, redux by helenish: This ain't his kind of subterfuge. NC17.
walk a crooked mile by battleofhydaspe: So it's film noir. [WIP]
Warm Light of Morning by cmonkatiekatie: He doesn't know what Eames wants. NC17.
washed, and somewhat slightly dazed by zarathuse: There is a buttplug. NC17.
watch me burning by xheart_of_lifex: Arthur has a fever dream. R.
Well-Defined Function, A by mithrigil: Discussing time. R.
Well-Dressed Man in the Cross-Hairs, A by soda_and_capes: All leave. One keeps coming back. PG. [also Arthur/Cobb & Arthur/Ariadne]
What All The Souls Discreetly Talk About by silsuffisait: Eames fights a duel in Sir Arthur's honor. PG13.
when we touch it turns to gold by anon: Arthur over the hood of a car.
When We Were Young by jeannedecarnin: Brighton. Proposal. (Last in the Rebellion verse.) NC17.
where the wild things are by aestheticized: Eames is a werewolf. Arthur is a vampire. R.
Whether We Dance by the_moonmoth: Eames wants. And rims. NC17.
with eyes turned black, in this light by bycitylights: Eames is a bank robber. PG13. [WIP]
World in My Eyes, The by redheadwalking: They build in limbo. PG.
Worlds Afire by incandescent: London steampunk dreaming. R.
You are not allowed to follow me by bronson: In the taxi, Eames was shot.
your name on my lips and my knife at your throat by stungunbilly: They hate each other. Really. NC17.
Zen and the Art of Dodging a Cockblock by reliablemachine: Arthur always picks up Cobb's calls. Always. R.

Arthur/Cobb Fics

again, from zero by irradiatedsoup: One last job. (Warning: character death/suicide.) R.
Gravity by dreamlittleyo: An unexpected touch of fire. PG.
I Wanted To Be by coricomile: Being a family. PG13.
I'll be Home for Christmas by kirstenlouise: Arthur had a feeling. PG13.
Proof of Life | Negotiation by alchemyalice: Arthur calls. Then returns. PG.
Stay With Me by kirstenlouise: Arthur stays. PG13.
Untitled by alchemyalice: Arthur is a sysadmin.

Arthur/Robert Fics

Awkward Disclosure by othertoys: For the same reason. R.
Untitled by anon: Not as sweet, he says.
Uses of Sorrow, The by chibi_lurrel: Plays upon plays. NC17.
White City, Black Hearts by the_azure_blue and jeannedecarnin: Arthur finds something explicit. (Warnings: fisting, humiliation, d/s.) NC17.

Eames/Robert Fics

blow a little kiss to you from the doorway by nobleaccents: Sucked off in an elevator and left there.
Death Is Not A Parallel Move by icrackthecodes: Robert has persistent dreams. PG13.
Have A Drink On Me by icreatemyself: He smells like money and whiskey. R.
My nine rides shotgun by bronson and fermine: Eames is his bodyguard. R.
Needles at Your Nerve Ends by kirstenlouise: Manifest guilt. (Warning: non-con.) [Bit of Yusuf/Eames, NC17]
spring pinched between two fingers and with no place to go, a by ruins_of_sodom: A prisoner in latex. PG13.
woke up for the first time (the animals were gone) by kunstundtechnik: From a taxi, onwards.

Eames/Saito Fics

Discipline by darkseraphim21: For a wild dog. NC17.
Mona Lisa Tourist, The by peperima: A tourist. No Mona Lisa. PG13.

Robert/Saito Fics

Here's the Kicker by noname_fan: Greeted by envelope. (Warning: death.)
Through a Glass, Darkly by kirstenlouise: The office talks. (Warnings: dub-con, allusions to child sexual abuse & violence.) [past Browning/Robert, R]
White Collars & Ties by fairielore: Until he knows what he wants. PG.

Dom/Mal Fics

Painting by Numbers by othertoys: In colors. G.
Sunshine by starkraves: Waking up is never easy.
They Tried to Blow Me Down by indysaur: He sleeps. [Hint of Arthur/Eames, PG]

Eames/Mal Fics

Little Fox, Little Goose by kirstenlouise: A fire, the stars, no romance. PG13.
These Vainglorious Youths by peperima: A study in narcissism and change. PG13.

Gen Fics

Behold, He Cometh With Clouds by tomato_greens: The Four Horsemen come to her. [Ariadne]
Daughters of Eve, The by weatherfront: Mal, tormented. [Bit of Dom/Mal]
Extreme Complexity of Roughness, The by noname_fan: Origins. [Arthur, PG13]
Festering by sour_idealist: Drawing up his biography. [Arthur, Eames, crossover with Never Let Me Go, PG13]
Into Nothing by incandescent: Abandoned car in the desert. [Arthur, PG13]
Just a Nod to Mortality by tomato_greens: Arthur commits self-immolation. (Warning: death.) R.
Operation: Saito Buys Us EVERYTHING by anon: There is Barry Manilow.
Team Awesome by missmonkeh: Team-building exercises. They don't work.
Things We Left Behind by kirstenlouise: This is not her body. [Mal, hint of Dom/Mal, PG13]
tumbleweed!Arthur by peperima: Forging doesn't work for some people. [Arthur, PG13]
Visiting Hours by citrinesunset: Post-incarceration, point of contact. [Arthur, Cobb, G]

Other Fics

Cruel by the_azure_blue: A fair trade. (Warnings: BDSM, mutilation, DP.) [Arthur/Eames/Robert, NC17]
Day They Broke Arthur, The by anon: It's never lupus. [Arthur/Everyone]
exit light by foxlives: They end up on the roof. [Death/Mal, G]
Fixed Area of Exclusion by devikun: Cluelessness, but Eames corrects that. [Cobb/Eames, NC17]
For The Wars by icrackthecodes: A price they pay. (Warnings: D/s, roleplay, xdressing, DP, drug use, self-harm.) [Eames/Robert(/Arthur/Cobb), NC17]
grow from the inside, destroy from the inside by pendules: Arthur follows Eduardo. Inception/Social Network. [Arthur/Eduardo]
Honor Bound by kirstenlouise: Saito calls. (Warning: non-con.) [Cobb/Saito, NC17]
I See Your Four Aces, All the Same Colour by jeannedecarnin: A novel idea. Warnings: DP.) [Arthur/Eames, Arthur/Ariadne/Eames, Arthur/Cobb/Eames, Arthur/Yusuf/Eames, NC17]
INCEPTED: A Romance by soda_and_capes: Romance novel summaries. (Also, the comments.) [Everyone/Everyone]
Incunabula by jibrailis: They dance. [Ariadne/Mal]
Incunabula Series by the_azure_blue: Inside Fischer's mind. [Eames/Robert, Arthur/Eames/Robert, overall NC17]
Music To Wake Up To: Extraction's Greatest Hits by ineptshieldmaid and agenttrojie: It may or may not involve the Spice Girls. [Arthur/Saito]
Pineapple, Mint, Raspberry by anon: There are condoms. Flavored condoms. [Multiple pairings, WIP]
Shiver by jeannedecarnin: While Arthur sleeps. (Warnings: dub-con & somnophilia.) [Arthur/Cobb/Eames, NC17]
Thirty Pieces of Silver by kirstenlouise: He'll tell you. [Nash/Saito, R]
to be alone with you by kunstundtechnik: Drifting in limbo. [Mal/Saito]
To Build A Dream On by toujourspret: The point of her. [Ariadne/Mal, NC17]
Together We Will Live Forever by the_azure_blue: Traces of Mal. [Cobb/Robert, former Cobb/Mal, NC17]
Untitled by anon: Marriage inconsequential in the face of awesome. [Ariadne/Cobb, Arthur/Eames]
wake us in the valley of the sun by springtides: They dream and hunger. [Arthur/Eames/Robert, PG13]
World We Wanted, The by delires: Each one for another. [Cobb/Eames, NC17]

RPF Tom/Joe Fics

Map of Your Secret Places, A by stungunbilly: Tom showers. It changes Joe's priorities.
You can be as loud as the hell you want by ifeelbetter: Doing it mid-interview.

RPF Tom/Cillian Fics

Much Too Much by bronson: It starts in Canada. And they sleep. R.
With My Fighting Name by canyousayhot: Bronson redux. NC17.

General / Non-Fics

44 Recs by eleveninches
Aja & Cathy Talk About Crass Materialism. And Weatherfront by bookshop and two_if_by_sea
Arthur's Job - A Series of Thoughts by zanzando
Dream A Little Bigger, Darling - the Inception Fic Writer's Guide to Firearms by chn_breathmint
Dreaming a Little Bigger: The Inception Starter Kit by frantic_allonsy
Eames/Arthur Survival Guide, The by godofwine
Eames/Arthur Weekly Recs by mementis
Halfamoon Commentfic Fest (Multi-Fandom, Female-Centric) hosted by sweethours
How to Dress Your Man/Character: An Informal Tutorial by hackthis
I'D SHIP THAT: an Inception Rarepairs Rec List by kirstenlouise
inceptiondaily: the whole thing. because it's like the Library of Congress. but for Inceptiondom.
Inception Fandom Essentials (Recs) hosted by cherrybina
inception picspam by echoism: Beautifully-colored screenshots.
Inception: Recs by the_azure_blue
Inception Screenshot Gallery at
Inception Self-Rec Post hosted by bronson: Self-rec forum for authors.
Multifandom Het Recs (Inception tag) at het_reccers
Picspam: Costumes in Inception by bennet_7
Recs/Masterpost by ajokercard at eames_arthur
some motherfucking poetry (Or, THE INSPIRATION MEME) by gyzym

Art Recs

Afternoon Conversation with Mr. Eames and Mr. Eames by paperflower86: A tuba. And Colin Firth. [Arthur/Eames, PG]
Art: Cuts by wheres_walnut: Arthur is a grouchy tailor. [Arthur/Eames]
Arthur/Eames Multimedia Fan Mix by raitala: Hands & guns.
Cat!Arthur by aredblush: Eames-cat serenades Arthur-cat. [Arthur/Eames, G]
Death of a Point Man, The | Death of a Forger, The by unicornempire: Shot through the heart. PG13.
Decorating with Arthur and Eames in four easy steps by paperflower86: Decorating is hard, sometimes. [Arthur/Eames]
Eames' Totem by taconaco: Only Eames knows. [Arthur/Eames]
fanart x 2 by defenerstate: Belly kiss + a blowjob. [Arthur/Eames, NC17]
First Time They Met, The by blue_phlox: Upon seeing. [Arthur, Eames, G]
From Arthur's Moleskine, For Arthur's Eyes Only by kiwimangoodness: There is COOB. [Gen.]
golden field, The by sickletongue: Together in gold. [Arthur/Eames, PG15]
high pressure by yjudaes: Arthur on the way. [Gen.]
how to extract when you are four inches tall and made of felt by fera_festiva: Arthur and Eames are made of felt. [Arthur/Eames]
In her reality by ravyn_ashling: Inside. [Ariadne/bishop, M]
Inceptalibrium by pseudonc: Cleric!Arthur.
Inception a Rom Com! by johanirae: Scenes. [Saito, Fischer, Eames, Arthur, Yusuf, Ariadne, PG]
Inception paper sculpture by ldhenson: The hallway.
Like the Fist of an Angry Saito by koushi: Smackdown. [Nash/Saito, NC17]
Lounging with Eames by red_rahl: Eames forges an Eames. [Arthur/Eames, G]
marion cotillard by maichan: Portrait. PG.
Moment of Inertia's Arthur by loobeeinthesky: Heartbroken. G.
Morning by min_taiwan: There is a toothbrush. [Cobb/Saito, PG13]
Morning by nicholya_arden: Together, asleep. [Saito/Robert, PG13]
Mr. Hardy by seyyed: Charcoal sketch. G.
My Boy Builds Coffins by slanted_edges: Arthur discovers a body with a briefcase. PG.
My inception art so far by blue_phlox: Collection. [Arthur, Eames, Ariadne, Cobb, Saito, G]
Now we're cooking by red_rahl: There is a turkey. [Arthur/Eames, G]
"Ooh, Mr. Eames" A Fanfiction by jedi_iwakura (in the style of kate beaton): Exactly what it says. Also, ROBERT. [Arthur/Eames]
Pineapple Fried Rice by platina: [Saito/Arthur/Eames, NSFW]
Pretty Pretty Inception by taconaco: The board game meets Inception. [Gen. with hint of Arthur/Eames]
Slave Eames by raitala: He kneels.
Sobrevivire by yjudaes: Bandaged, alone. [Arthur, PG13]
Spaces in between, The by epithalamium: Exhalation of smoke. [Arthur/Eames, PG]
[suck my] loaded gun by mankamunka: Gun on his tongue. [Arthur/Eames, NC17]
Sunset Stroll by aredblush: There is a puppy, too. [Arthur/Eames, G]
Trigger Discipline by platina: Eames aims. [Arthur/Eames, NSFW]
Unhinge my soul by ruins_of_sodom: Bondage. [Eames/Robert, NC17]
Untitled by androidiordna: Cigarettes and Louboutins. [Arthur/Eames]
Untitled by anon: Eames finds him in the kitchen. [Arthur/Eames, WIP]
Up for a Fight? by pseudonc: Arthur is a pugilist.
Up in the Air | What did you say? Shut... | okay, everything by tatarnikova: [Arthur/Eames]
When you cease to dream you cease to live / We count them in dog days by loobeeinthesky: [Arthur/Eames, G]
Young Arthur & Eames by defenerstate: Smokes. [Arthur/Eames, G]
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