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master post

feel free to friend! though this journal is arbitrarily semi-f-locked.

without further ado, Inception, I Am Number Four, and other assorted fandoms.
there is more to me than this crackden, though. if you squint.

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( master reclist: Inception )

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( master reclist: I Am Number Four )

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( master reclist: White Collar )

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so much for normal life

just when i was starting to be content to be involved with zero fandoms

along comes a fucking show called shingeki no kyojin

which is taking over my fucking life.


(and any and all fandoms apparently take place on tumblr now, which makes me feel so damn old. i'm only 25, christ. not even touching twitter because we did not tweet back in my day. fuck that shit.)
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okay, so, i got the job! and now i'm negotiating my salary. and making plans to move down to southern California. and there are a lot of things going on right now!

i'm a terrible human being when it comes to prompt responses, and i flaked out on fandom promises, and i'm so so sorry. my apology doesn't make up for any of that, but i just want to put it out there. :(

slowly, i will crawl back to LJ and keep up with people's lives and fandom work. slowly.

random note: i saw J. Edgar the other day and am still deciding whether i like it or not. any thoughts?
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*points to title* i've been doing a lot of that lately. it's the worst cliche ever, but the ocean is like the end of the world for me. i see it and i feel at peace. like all the shit that builds up in my head is just gone. it's probably not the healthiest way to deal with things, but i've been practicing the fine art of avoiding like a motherfucker since middle school, so.

it's really fucking beautiful, California.

it's 5 AM, i can't sleep, and i'm itching to i think i'll just head back out to Half Moon Bay's Redondo Beach. watch the sun rise. come back in time for work. (not that i have set hours or anything, because i'm technically boss-less. but you know, gotta keep up appearances and whatnot.)

p.s. anyone ever notice how all nature photos tend to look the same after a while? it's kind of frustrating, actually, to try and translate the beauty of nature into photos that look remotely interesting.

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One Last Conversation

so i saw Drive today, which should be on everyone's to-do list this weekend. seriously. it's probably my top movie for 2011. i can't remember the last time i enjoyed myself so much in the theater and thought, yes! this is what film is about.

anyway, i couldn't stop thinking about the driver's relationship (or lack thereof) with Standard, so i wrote a small thing that leads up to the pawn shop incident.

(please let there be a fandom for this film~ i mean, how could you not want to explore the fucked-up depths of the driver's character? by 'you,' i actually mean you because i could never do him justice. *____*)


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all over the place

ever since reading in the latest Economist issue that -- on average -- 15% of people who take the Bar exam (without ever having gone to law school) pass, i kind of want to do it. i'm actually mediocre when it comes to standardized tests of any kind, but sometimes i like to set challenges for myself. (it's only when other people set them for me that i usually shut down and lose all motivation.)

well, we shall see. i...should probably study for the GMAT first. *sigh* fucking tests.


spent this weekend with my family at UICA (Urban Institute for Contemporary Arts -- at their new location!) and Saugatuck (a homey lakeside town). i also met my sister's new boyfriend via Skype and he seems adorable. much better than the last asshole she dated, at any rate. he lives in San Francisco currently and wants to hang out whenever i'm available. lol, cute.

anyway, i feel a little weird showcasing my photos of other people's artwork, but they turned out reasonably decent. so....this is a bit of a tribute to the local artists!

[ Stagl's "Pulse Point" ]

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also, dear Londonites: may i crash with one of you if i visit sometime around December 20th/21st?? also, what is the weather like then? is there heavy snow or rain or....? (i'm trying to figure out my crazy flight schedule and what clothes to bring~) thanks in advance, you guys! ♥


last thing, i promise: after_irene will be up and running soon! please consider helping out our fellow water-drenched citizens. ♥
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from yerba to the ocean

so, as it turns out, my boss is quitting. by the end of this month, he'll be off and away. it almost makes me believe there's a Deity of Good Timing somewhere up in the clouds. :O will he get a replacement? or will i essentially be my own boss? who knows! *stares at phone and inbox*

also, spent another Saturday with my friend up in San Francisco, where we listened to Brazilian music at Yerba Buena Gardens, had exorbitantly expensive tea at a pretentious tea house (at my twattish insistence, for which my friend judged me and judged me hard), and wandered up and down a grey and gloomy Ocean Beach.

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(also, i wrote this crap Suits-fic in, like, half an hour. somehow, i managed to delude myself into thinking i'm still funny. don't tell anyone, okay?!)
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textual / visual

first: dear Londonites, i hope you and your loved ones are all safe.

(why, mob mentality, why...)


second, i want to recommend two stories written by amazing writers you should already know:

Sworn to Lucidity by viva_gloria: Mal-centric with hints of past Dom/Mal. in which Dom's asleep and Mal no longer trusts. vivid and sparse with the pained perspective of one who's been alienated.

"Love has crumbled into ruin now, and something dark has risen in its place."

& red rouge lips by incandescent: Eames-centric with Eames/Mal. he can't sleep but Mal awakens him. beautiful moment in time where Eames shows a more poignant side.

"Eames is cursed with vertigo, this dizzying trapped sensation which gives him no rest, though it fades when he opens his eyes."


less importantly, i drove up to San Francisco over the weekend to visit my friend who works there. it takes just under an hour, so i'll probably be going there quite often! more interesting than Cupertino, at any rate.

i took more photos....of buildings and other non-living things....i'm just really predictable, okay.

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i tumblr you

tell me your tumblrs! so i can follow you.

wherever you may go.

there isn't an ocean too dee--

ah, fuck it.

(it's one of those songs my dad made me sing in the car with him when i was a wee lass. and now that i'm reading the lyrics, it's kind of creepy, isn't it. i mean...for god's sake, man, take a burger break and stop following her around.)

what does one do on tumblr, anyway? *squints*
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long time no see (in internet time)

dropping by briefly to wave hello! i miss you all....where are you....

anyway, i met up with a long-long-time friend (way back from elementary school!) yesterday. he just moved to SF to work for a consulting firm. the last time i saw him was three years ago, so it felt really good to catch up for a whole evening. it's strange to see people grow up, isn't it?

also, i got shit done! and by that, i mean i bought a new car, which will be shipped here by the end of the week. (hi, 2012 Hyundai Genesis Coupe 3.8 Grand Touring in black/black. i love you.)

in other unsurprising news, Suits is eating my life. (seriously, with a name like Gabriel Macht? ugh, my hormones are embarrassing the hell out of me. awekfksdfjag;) of course, i'm utterly useless when it comes to writing snark and witty banter, much less sex, so i'm relegated to hitting F5 and hoping more stories will pop up magically. (in the meantime, i managed to inch my way to 3.3k on Dom/Mal!WIP. and i will inch my way to the goddamn finish line, even though there are probably no D/M fans left in Inception. oh, life. haha.)

you should know that on occasion, i will stalk mildly side-eye Patrick J. Adams via his tumblr, where he indulges his moody, artistic self, in addition to actually re-blogging fanart. fourth wall, man. FOURTH WALL. there's no way he doesn't know about the porn. *awkwardly looks off to side*

[addendum]: oh! i also finally got around to watching XMFC (thanks to aisle_one's link-finding superpowers ♥). and it was hilarious, in that haha-oh-god-i'm-so-mortified-for-them-haha kind of way. by the time the beach scene happened, i dropped my feeble Erik/Charles flag and pretty much settled myself under the Alex/Hank umbrella. probably because i never get tired of the bully/nerd love-hate trope. *____*

[addendum #2]: omg, this Thursday is going to blow my mind: brand new Suits + brand new Project Runway? i'm blissed out already. /let me show you my shallow